Series Overview

People of faith in Spokane need a space to learn and listen and have dialogue about important issues of justice—issues including (but not limited to) poverty, issues facing our city/neighborhood, exploitation, ethnicity and racism, immigration, religious difference, political difference, mental/physical ability difference, systemic oppression, issues related to gender and sexuality, and more. We hope you'll consider this new space one that provides such an opportunity, in respectful dialogue with faith and community leaders.

In this monthly 2018-19 series of special evenings we’re calling Biblical Justice Forums, we are inviting guest speakers as well as Spokane’s broader faith community to take part in what we hope will be productive, life-giving sessions. We will look to the scriptures, seeking God’s heart for the issues that affect our city, our society, and our world, and exploring how Christ-followers are called to respond.

Ross Carper